Susumu Yamazaki
山崎 烝
Susumu portrait
Gender Male
Race Human
Eye Color Purple
Hair Color Light Brown
Height 165 cm
Professional Attributes
Faction Shinsengumi
Rank Intelligence Officer
Voice Actors
Japanese Suzuki Takayuki
English Connor Leach
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Susumu Yamazaki (山崎 烝 Yamazaki Susumu) is a ninja and an Intelligence Agent for the Shinsengumi in the Hakuōki Shinsengumi Kitan series. His main role is to spy and gather intel for the organization.


Susumu is a relatively short fellow only standing at 5"5', he has a very peculiar haircut in which almost all of his hair is cut extremely short, except for a small amount, which he keeps tied in a long ponytail that reaches the lower middle of his back. He usually wears a light-green kimono with a dark green trim and very curious sleeves which look to be sewn of with thick cord and wears simple black pants that tie at his ankles.

When Susumu is not wearing his usual clothes, He is usually wearing his "Ninja" outfit complete with a mask, headband & a big black scarf.

His character is based off of historical Susumu Yamazaki


Susumu may be perceived as an aloof and strict individual, but he actually has quite close ties to most of the captains & is very passionate about his work, he is especially loyal and respectful of Hijikata.


Susumu Yamazaki is first seen as a special member of the Shinsengumi; apparently he is an intelligence officer as well as medic. He is often seen aiding Chizuru when tending the injured, or clearing the way for her to deliver messages with his fighting skills. He stops the dangerous fight between Kazama and Hijikata by throwing himself in Hijikata's path, impaling himself on Hijikata's sword. During their journey on the ship, he dies after telling Chizuru to take care of herself and the Shinsengumi. The Shinsengumi try to give him a decent burial by throwing his body overboard into the ocean.


Promotional Chibi adaptation for SSL

Hakuouki: SSL

At Hakuouki adcademy, Susumu is a second year student, as well as the school nurse's assistant, He often tries to thwart San'nan's experiments of Ochimizu on other students & staff, but has little success.


Susumu's "Work" Outfit

Trivia, differences & Possible garble

  • Susumu is only about 20 or so in Hakuouki, In real-life;Susumu was around 30.
  • It is true that both the real-life And fictional Susumu's are/were part of the Shinsengumi watch, however, Susumu was never recorded as being dressed as a ninja in order to gather information. (Cross-dressing, maybe, but never a ninja)
  • Susumu's funeral is quite interesting as is somewhat reflects how the real-life Susumu died. According to history, Susumu apparently drowned while trying to escape a sinking ship heading for Ezo which came under attack. (this information is unconfirmed however)
  • Unfortunately, Susumu, Along with Shinpachi & Kondou, do not have "routes" in the games (Save possibly for reimeroku & SSL)
  • Susumu was the second significant Shinsengumi to die (The first was Gen)

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