Season 1 Episode 11

"Now then it's a fair fight. I'll leave a few for you two."- Saito 

"If you go fighting like crazy sometimes you're the one who ends up hurt"- Shinpachi

"You don't want to leave do you? If that is so then don't bother thinking about anything else"- Hijikata 

"Are you the ones? Who shot Kondou-san that is?"- Okita   

Season 1 Episode 12

"The shinsengumi are true warriors, a rarity in this modern world"- Inoue

"This is no longer an era of swords and spears"- Hijikata

"No, you're not warriors. The one at your feet was true warrior, a man of honor, unlike you. You are nothing but cowards"- Chizuru

"You are a disgrace to the word warrior"- Chizuru 

"Foolish, and what of it? from the start we were a band of foolish men who shared an idiotic dream, we followed it in ernest all the way here, we are still just half way up the steep slope of a road there is no way I can stumble now falling all the way back down by my own hand."- Hijikata  

"You say I'm a fake so what if I am? this whole time we've been treated like a band of fake samurai,but no matter what our convictions will not bend wheather fake or not persistance will make this a reality"- Hijikata 

"We need you more than you could ever need us, you're the head and we the limbs you can lose an arm, but if the head goes the body dies, we need you"- Yamazaki