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Title Hakuouki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom
Kanji 薄桜鬼 〜新選組奇譚〜
Publisher Aksys Games
Genre Historical Adventure, Adventure Romance
Platform Playstation Portable
Players Single
Rating Mature 17+
Release Feb 14th 2012 (N.America)
Game Official Website(US)
Game Official Website(JP)
Official Facebook page
Official Twitter page

The Otomate game that started it all, the very first in the Hakuouki Fanchice.So far, it has been the Only Hakuouki game to have a localization in North America.


These game are what are known as "Visual Novels" Meaning that they are basically digital versions of Choose-your-own-adventure-books.

As you play through the game you come to crossroads where you must make a choice as to what to do,what to say, or where to go, the choice you make determines what kind of ending your story has...& which Shinsengumi you fall in love with. There are a total of five bachelors you may choose to go after in the game: The Shinsengumi captains: Toshizou Hijikata, Souji Okita, Hajime Saito Heisuke Todo, Sanosuke Harada & The main villain: Chikaga Kazama; each with his own personality, struggles And dreams


You play as a pretty young Woman named Chizuru Yukimura (You have the option of changing her first name) who has left her safe home of Edo to search for her father Kodo Yukimura who, coincidentally, Is a dutch doctor who works for the shinsengumi, however, you soon learn that he has been MIA for quite some time now.

Nevertheless, The shinsengumi take it upon themselves to look after you until they find Kodo. However, the situation isn't as simple as it seems as you begin to discover that the Wolves Of Mibu Hide some very dark & bloody secrets.

Game Characters

Main Characters

Chizuru portrait

Chizuru Yukimura
This Tough little cookie is the perspective Narrator of the story as well as the Character you play as.
Read more about Chizuru Yukimura

Toshizou Hijikata
The "Demon" Vice-Commander Of The Shinsengumi as well as our Titular Character & Poster-boy for the series. He's very strict, serious & almost scary at times, but as you progress through his story, he turns out to be very caring. Read more about Toshizo Hijikata

Hijikata portrait
Okita portrait

Souji Okita
The Sadistic, sarcastic 1st Unit Captain Psychopath who often teases or even threatens you. He holds Unwavering loyalty toward Head Commander Isami Kondou & has little regard for human life. as you play through his story, you find out that he's not as cruel as he seems. Read more about Souji Okita

Hajime Saito
The Stoic, blunt & socially inept Captain of the 3rd unit Who only speaks when spoken to, He never does anything without the Vice-commander's approval & never denies his orders, which ends him in doing "dirty work", as you play through his story, you'll soon find out the reasons for his unrelenting loyalty.
Read more about Hajime Saito

Saito portrait
Harada portrait

Sanosuke Harada
The optimistic 10th unit captain with a big-brother-like demeanor, although he may be quick tempered at times, he is a warm & very gentle man with a kind heart. Sano is usually the first to comfort you in stressful or dangerous situations. As you play though his story, you find out his dreams don't lie within the sword.
Read more about Sanosuke Harada

Heisuke Toudou
This Cheerful young man is the Captain of the 8th unit, he may be small, but what he lacks in size, he more than makes up for in heart & fighting spirit. If you play through Haisuke's story, you'll find his tale is quite different from most of the other bachlors. Read more about Heisuke Toudou

Heisuke portrait
Kazama portrait

Chikage Kazama
The Last man you can go after is actually a demon as well as the main antagonist of Hakuouki. However, before you can have you hunk of man-meat, you must first unlock him by playing through at least 2 of the other stories. Kazama is cold-hearted, selfish, cruel & he'll do anything to get his demony mitts on you. Read more about Kazama Chikage.

Minor characters (Other Shinsengumi)

Isami portrait

Isami Kondou
The Head commander of the Shinsengumi, with an iron fist & a heart of gold he has earned the respect and admiration of all who serve under him. He is Hijikata's closest friend. Read more about Isami Kondou.

Shinpachi Nagakura
Regardless of being known as one of the toughest (and at times rebellious) of the Shinsengumi, Shinpachi is actually a very cheerful and easy going guy. He and Sano share a bond stronger than even that of brothers.Shinpachi is captain of the 2nd unit. Read more about Shinpachi Nagakura

Shinpachi portrait
Sannan portrait

Keisuke Sannan
Sannan is The 2nd Vice-Commander of the Shinsengumi, He is more of a scholar than a fighter, but is actually far more fearsome than he lets on. Read more about Keisuke Sannan.

Minor Characters (Others villains)

Kaoru female portrait

Kaoru Nagumo
Despite hairsticks and the pretty pink kimono, Kaoru is actually a very dangerous person, but you'd have to play through Okita's story to find out just who Kaoru is or you could just read more about Kaoru Nagumo.

Amagiri Kyuujiyu
He is a very strong oni. He's usually seen by Kazama Chikage's side, since he works for him. Strangely, Amagiri seems to be a polite individual. He even helps out a bit in Saito's story.
Read more about Amagiri Kyuujiyu

Kyuujyu portrait

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