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Title Hakuouki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom
Kanji 薄桜鬼 〜新選組奇譚〜
Publisher Aksys Games
Genre Historical Adventure, Adventure Romance
Platform Playstation Portable
Players Single
Rating Mature 17+
Release Feb 14th 2012 (N.America)
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The Otome game that started it all and the very first in the Hakuouki Franchise. The first of three in the series developed by Idea Factory first designed for the PlayStation 2 and then later ported to PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, Nintendo DS, and Nintendo 3DS.


Being a game in the category of "Visual Novels", the player interaction within the game is very similar to that of "Choose your own adventure" books.

As such, progression through the game is controlled by making a series of choices. The types of choices presented, vary throughout the multiple branching plot-lines associated with each individual. The player is asked to choose what to say, where to go, who to trust; as the situation quickly grows more and more perilous.

Hakuouki is also a romance game. There are five main storylines, each focusing on one of the legendary Shinsengumi captains. Each storyline features a diverging set of situations, characters, and story information. For the player to get a complete understanding of the plot and events, they must play through all possible branches.


The protagonist is a young woman, originally dressed in clothes only males were to be seen wearing, whose default name is Chizuru Yukimura. Before the start of the prologue, the player has the option of customizing the first name from Chizuru to their choice. At the start of the story, she has left her childhood home of Edo for Kyoto in search of her father, Dr. Kodo Yukimura.

It is quickly discovered that something increasingly dangerous and supernatural is going on in the dark streets of Kyoto. Something that Chizuru's father may in fact know a great deal about.

After stumbling upon a bloody and dubious example of the Shinsengumi's "cruelty" Chizuru is then taken into custody by the elite police force as it just so happens that they are also looking for the missing Doctor Yukimura.

Game Characters

Main Characters

Chizuru portrait

Chizuru Yukimura
The first-person narrator of the game and the person the player goes through the game as.
Read more about Chizuru Yukimura

Toshizou Hijikata
The "Demon" Vice-Commander of the Shinsengumi who as well as being the most well-known from history, he is also the most prominently featured in the game's story. He is unflattering lay devoted to the Shinsengumi and their mission to defend Kyoto. Despite his reputation he cares a great deal for others and always has the greater good at heart. Read more about Toshizo Hijikata

Hijikata portrait
Okita portrait

Souji Okita
The sadistic and sarcastic 1st Unit Captain who is known as a genius swordsman. While he displays vilentt tendencies towards everyone he meets, his teasing threats become very real when he or his friends are endangered. He holds unwavering loyalty towards the Cheif Commander Isami Kondou almost to the point of obsessive devotion. Although merciless, he is not heartless. He never acts without a good reason and does not follow duty blindly. Read more about Souji Okita

Hajime Saito
The stoic, blunt, and socially inept Captain of the 3rd unit that prefers to let his blade speak rather than his words. He never acts without approval from the vice-commander and additionally never refuses an order once given. Over time this has resulted in him doing most of the dirty work and gaining an unsavory reputation. The reasons for his loyalty and his way of life are thoroughly explored over the course of the game.
Read more about Hajime Saito

Saito portrait
Harada portrait

Sanosuke Harada
The optimistic and charasmatic 10th unit captain. His caring and affable demeanor causes him to be well-liked among the other soldiers. His power in combat is unmatched and his mastery of the Spear makes him a deadly opponent. And yet he is a surprisingly warm and very gentle man with a kind heart. Unlike many of his comrades, his true dream lies far away from the dangerous and bloody life of a warrior.
Read more about Sanosuke Harada

Heisuke Toudou
Cheerful and friendly, Heisuke is the the youngest and captain of the 8th unit. Despite his size, his skills have put him among the shinsengumi's best. His spirit and determination sets him apart, as he is set on charging foreward away from the darkness of his part. Read more about Heisuke Toudou

Heisuke portrait
Kazama portrait

Chikage Kazama
Chikage is the prince of an anceint demon clan, and serves as the story's main antagonist. However, he does have a side route that is unlockable after playing through at least two other routes. Read more about Kazama Chikage.

Minor characters (Other Shinsengumi)

Isami portrait

Isami Kondou
The Cheif commander of the Shinsengumi, who I loved and respected by all of his men. His humble beginnings as a small dojo owner gave him a humble and approachable demeanour. He is generous to a fault and will always provide a helping hand no matter the consequences. Read more about Isami Kondou.

Shinpachi Nagakura
The captain of the Second Unit. Despite his status as one of the toughest (and at times rebellious) of the Shinsengumi, Shinpachi is actually a very cheerful and easy going guy. He and Sano share a bond stronger than even that of brothers. Read more about Shinpachi Nagakura

Shinpachi portrait
Sannan portrait

Keisuke Sannan
Sannan is The 2nd Vice-Commander of the Shinsengumi. Even with his great skill as a swordsman, he is more inclined to scholarly pursuits. Read more about Keisuke Sannan.

Minor Characters (Others villains)

Kaoru female portrait

Kaoru Nagumo
Despite Kaoru's feminine appearance, there is more under that pretty pink kimono than one would infer. Kaoru is the antagonist for Okita's route. read more about Kaoru Nagumo.

Amagiri Kyuujiyu
A member of the remaining demons loyal to the Kazama family. he is a master of hand-to-hand combat and serves as one of the rivals of the series. he is a very tradionalal man and never stray from the warriror's path. This philosphyy causes him to be more aligned with the protagonists.
Read more about Amagiri Kyuujiyu

Kyuujyu portrait

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