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Game Reimeroku

Category: Game
Platforms: PS2, PSP
Players: 1
Publisher: Design Factory
Character Designer: Kazukiyone
Rating: CERO-C (15 & Above)
Release: 28th Oct 2010

Official Website (Japanese)
When Ryuunosuke lost his mother as she succumbed to illness,
he wandered aimlessly without living support. On the way to the capital,
he was attacked and robbed, leaving him with no food or money.
When all that was left was just his starvation to death, he met Serizawa Kamo
and was picked up by him.
Although reluctantly, Ryuunosuke ended up travelling with him
and for the time being, lived at the Shinsengumi quarters.

Though he held some prejudice due to his past, his encounter with the Shinsengumi
brought about changes to his stubborn heart.

This is a story of a nameless youth, in a time of turmoil at the end of the Edo period.


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