Category: Anime Series
Genre: Historical Adventure
Episodes: 12
Original Work: Idea Factory/Design Factory
Character Design: Atsuko Nakajima
Music: Miyuki Otani
Animation: Studio Deen
Broadcast Period: 2012 Jul - 2012 Sept.

The PrequelEdit

The beginning of Hakuouki Series. entales the story Ryunosuke Ibuki, a boy who is a son of a samurai, yet hates the samurai. He was picked up by Roshigumi (later Shinsengumi) Head Commander Serizawa Kamo, after he was robbed and left to die on his way to Kyoto. After being rescued, he was forced to become Serizawa's dog & thus, Ryunosuke's Adventure with the Shinsengumi Begins.

List of Anime EpisodesEdit

Dawn of the Divine Warriors Edit

  • Guided Destiny
  • Rules For A Pack of Wolves
  • The Blade Drenched in Blood
  • Stairway to the Blue Skies
  • Howling from the Darkness
  • Oath Made on the Wind Blowing Over the Grass
  • The Shackles of Pandemonium
  • The Light of a Flashing Sword
  • The Brightly Burning Beacon
  • A Moonlit Nighht Filled with Flowers
  • The Great Dawn