Hakuouki Movie
劇場版 薄桜鬼

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Category: Movie
Genre: Historical Adventure, Adventure Romance
Original Work: Idea Factory/Design Factory
Original Character Design: Kazukiyone
Chief Animation Director: Nakajima Atsuko
Animation: Studio Deen
Release Date: 24th Aug 2013

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  • Prior to the opening of the new movie, a 2-hr Game Event will be held in the summer of 2013 for five days, from the 3rd of May till the 6th; and another on the 11th of May. The venue is Toshimaen Water & Amusement Park (Japan).
  • 2013 Feast of Sakura (桜の宴)
  • As of 11th May 2013 from the news bulletin, advanced tickets are on sale at the price of 1500 yen (tax included). A limited special clear holder is also included as a special item.
  • The movie will be released in 31 theatres in 22 prefectures.
  • A collaboration with Charamono was established with the Casio Exilim "Limited Edition" Camera for the movie's publicity commemoration. Limited to a hundred sets, the camera's dynamic photo ability allows for image synthesis; thus allowing an available character to appear in a user's selected photo. While the camera's base design is retained, it also comprises of the Hakuōki logo, flowing water and sakura elements as well. Price: 29400 yen (1400 yen tax)


Hakuōki Dai-isshō Kyoto Ranbu is the first of a two-part film project that will retell the 1st & 2nd seasons. The main cast from the previous anime projects are returning for the film. Osamu Yamasaki is returning to direct the film, and he is co-writing the film's script with Tsunekiyo Fujisawa. Atsuko Nakajima is returning to adapt Yone Kazuki's original character designs for animation, and she is also serving as chief animation director. Kenji Kawai is taking over for Kô Ôtani for the film's music. Studio DEEN is again animating the film. Aika Yoshioka, the singer for some of the previous anime projects' opening theme songs, will contribute the theme song for the film project.

The second installment of the movie (第二章 士魂蒼穹) will be released on the 8th March in 2014.

Official TrailerEdit

「劇場版 薄桜鬼 第一章 京都乱舞」 本予告

「劇場版 薄桜鬼 第一章 京都乱舞」 本予告


  • Yukimura Chizuru - Kuwashima Houko
  • Hijikata Toshizo- Miki Shinichirou
  • Okita Souji - Morikubo Shōtarō
  • Saitou Hajime - Toriumi Kōsuke
  • Toudou Heisuke - Yoshino Hiroyuki
  • Harada Sanosuke - Yusa Kōji
  • Nagakura Shinpachi - Tsuboi Tomohiro
  • Kondou Isami - Tōru Ōkawa
  • Sannan Keisuke - Tobita Nobuo
  • Inoue Genzaburou - Kobayashi Norio
  • Yamazaki Susumu - Suzuki Takayuki
  • Shimada Kai - Oba Takeshi
  • Itou Kashitarou - Chijiwa Ryuusaku
  • Kazama Chikage - Tsuda Kenjirō
  • Amagiri Kyuujyu - Yamaguchi Ryu
  • Kyou Shiranui - Yoshida Hiroaki

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