Matsumoto Ryoujun

Matsumoto portrait
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Hair Colour: N.A
Eye Colour: Dark Brown
Japanese Seiyu: Satou Kota

Dr. Matsumoto is a friend of Koudou Yukimura, and a reliable doctor of the Shogunate. He has helped the Shinsengumi on several occasions, giving information or medical help. He's also the one that tells Okita he has tuberculosis. Since he is bald, and so is Dr. Yukimura, it's possible that during that time doctors were required to be bald due to sanitary conditions, or this may be a mere coincidence.

His character is historically based.


Similar in appearance to Kodo Yukimura, his clothes are generally of the same time period. He is bald and has a much bulkier build.


He is kind and caring, even going so far as to finding a suppressant for the blood lust of the Furies.

Skills and Abilities

Because he is a doctor, he knows things in the medical field, but his knowledge on western medicine is limited.


He is a doctor in Kyoto and a friend of Kodo Yukimura, prompting Chizuru to go and meet him because she could not find her father. But at this time, he has traveled to a different area.

When he makes his re-appearance, he has a short reunion with Chizuru. He was also in charge of checking each Shinsengumi members' health, leading to him telling Okita Souji that he had tuberculosis.

After being revealed to about the Furies, he sets it upon himself to find a cure, the closest being a suppressant for the blood lust only.

Following Okita's route in the game, it is revealed that he had taken care of Okita and his tuberculosis to the utmost of his abilities.


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