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Hakuoki Bakumatsu Musouroku
(薄桜鬼 幕末無双録)

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Limited Edition Package
Category: Games
Genre: Adventure-Action
Platform: PSP
Publisher: Aksys Games
Character Design: Kazukiyone
Players: One
Rating: CERO-C (15 & Above)
Release Date: 22nd Mar 2012
Official Website(Japanese)
Official Website(English)

The 5th installment in the Hakuouki game series. Instead of being a visual novel much like previous games, Bakumatsu will be released as a Hakuouki Adventure & Action game - both mutually expanded as the story proceeds. 

Adventure is accomplished in the event of the CG and animated movie. Action is accomplished with a sense of defeating numerous enemies.

Instead of reading your way through the adventure, you hack and slash your way through enemies in a recreation of the anime [ Example: you actually fight in the Ikedaya incident] or see the new original ‘what if’ story specially made for the game which includes 2 new villains.


By clearing tasks like combat with the enemy or numerous enemies, you will learn to control your character. With each accomplishment, you will gain materials.

Game modes
There are three levels of difficulty to choose from: Easy, Normal and Difficult. Depending on the degree of difficulty, the materials you get will change. After clearing a stage when you defeat a boss, the next story will proceed. In Story Mode, you will see several scenes appear like an image board.

Character Selection
Choose from one of the five characters to play through the stories and if you clear the conditions you will be able to play the story of yet another character.

  • Controllable characters
    • Hijikata Toshizou
    • Okita Souji
    • Saitou Hajime
    • Toudou Heisuke
    • Harada Sanosuke
    • Sannan Keisuke
    • Nagakura Shinpachi
    • Kazama Chikage
  • Bosses
    • Shiranui Kyo
    • Kyuujyu Amagiri
    • Kazama Chikage
    • Nagumo Kaoru
    • Sannan Keisuke
    • Takamori Saigo
    • Katsura Kogorou
    • Koudou Yukimura

Armor & Preparation
Before you advance into the game, you are able to customize your character via the menus.

  • Equipment Menu

By raising your level, you can equip up to three items.

  • Preparation Menu

Through the use of 'money' and 'materials', you are able to create accessories for equipments.


  • Sakura Gauge

You are able to unlock a Special Attack, the Cherry Blossom Waltz. Depending on the amount accumulated in the Sakura Gauge, your power and attack time will change.

  • Rasetsu Transformation

Your physical strength will have a complete recovery. There will be a significant rise in your Attack and Defense as well. However, if your physical level drops to zero, it's Game Over. A point to take note is depending on your character and stage, there are also situations where transformation is not possible.


Bakumatsu was released in Japan on March 22nd 2012. Aksys games has announced Bakumatsu will be localized in early 2013 under the name "Hakuouki: Warriors of the Shinsengumi".




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